Pre End is a Danish design brand of

high quality at an affordable price.

The company was founded in 2001

and our journey has just begun.

We are ambitious, which our

success and extensive growth

through the last 5 years

can testify to.

We love what we do!

We want to be the best. And we

want to inspire and push our

customers to evolve their

individual styles.

All of our collections are produced

with the purpose of the perfect fit

and comfort, and those collections

are known for their formal

yet casual look.

We do not compromise

on the quality of the design

and our designs are rich in detail.

Our designers strive for timeless

elegance and include

a sporty twist through the use

of patterns and combinations of

high-quality materials.

This gives our collection a versatile

use that both cover your everyday

and party outfits.

Danish design

I am a trained designer
with my education from Teko Center
in Denmark and I have
more than 10 years of experience
in working with both mens-
and womenswear.

I am extremely dedicated
to my work and I have a good eye
for colours and details.

I have always been inspired by lines,
patterns and structures
in materials and I use that
in my designs.
I also find great inspiration
from travelling to cities such as
Barcelona, London and Berlin.

Here I take in the atmosphere
as well as the people I see;
this reflects itself in the colours
and themes I use in the
finished collection.